2019 Rules and Regulations

Questions or clarifications to the following rules will be addressed at the Captains Meeting. Boat captains or their representatives are strongly encouraged to be present at captains meeting

Tournament Phone 910-470-1374

1. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: The deadline for entries shall be 11:00 pm on Friday Night, July 12, 2019

2. ENTRY FEES:$250 per boat if entered on or before July 2nd, thereafter fee shall be $300 per boat. Entries received by mail must be post marked on or before July 2, 2019

3. TWO DAY COMPETITION:  A boat may participate in the event two days. However, they are not required to fish both days. In the event of “extreme” weather the Tournament Committee has the right to adjust the schedule. If doing so only allows for one fishing day, then one fishing day will constitute a tournament. In the event the Tournament Committee cancels the Tournament, 85% of the entry fee will be refunded, and 90% of TWT money will be refunded.

4. THIS IS A CAPTAINS CHOICE TOURNAMENT: It is the sole decision of the captain and crew to participate in this tournament.

5. RIGHT TO REFUSE: The Tournament has the right to refuse any entry form from an applicant. Should the Tournament decide to do so, 100% of the funds will be refunded.

6. HOURS OF COMPETITION: The competition shall begin at 6:30 am on fishing days. There will be no lines in the water before 6:30 am. This includes jigging. There is no check out. You must be checked in by 5:00 pm on Saturday July 13 and 4pm on Sunday July 14. Weigh-in station shall be at the Carolina Beach Municipal Docks. 

7. CHECK POINT:Check In will be Green Channel Marker #161- located at the entrance to the Carolina Beach Yacht Basin, between Carolina Beach Inlet and Snows Cut.  There is a fuel dock nearby, please be mindful and respectful.  There will be no official checkout. 

8. ENTRY NUMBER: Each entrant shall be assigned an entry number and shall be required to display their number in a manner easily distinguishable to Tournament officials during competition hours. 

9. BOUNDARIES:Must fish West of Longitude 76 degrees 30’00” and North of Latitude 33 degrees 05’00”.

10. FISHING DURING TOURNAMENT COMPETITION HOURS: During competition hours there shall be no more than six king mackerel lines fished at one time on any entered boat.

11. OFF LOADING CATCH: Tournament competition is limited to boats only. All fish must be weighed-in off the boat from which they were caught. Only emergency stops will be permitted. No overland transportation of fish permitted. Fish must be off-loaded at the designated dock. Boat must off-load catch with their representative; the boat then proceeds to pick up point.

12. WEIGHING IN FISH: Scales open at 2:00 PM Saturday and 12:00 PM Sunday. At the request of the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, the Got Em On King Mackerel Classic Tournament will accept no King Mackerel less than 30 inches in length. Tournament will accept for weigh in, no more than three King Mackerel from any boat on any tournament day. However, you are encouraged to weigh in up to three fish. Tournament will accept other fish as donations.

13. FISH ELIGIBILITY: All fish must be caught on rod and reel or hand line and entered on the day they are caught. King Mackerel must be 30-fork length inches for weigh-in. All entered fish shall become the immediate property of the Tournament.

14. CONDITION OF FISH: Fish shall not be mutilated in any way other than gaff and hook marks and must be in edible condition.

15. SINGLE ENGINE CLASS: This class is for vessels with one main outboard motor. You must declare your boat category on the registration form for the tournament. Single Engine Class payout will be paid as a primary prize. 

16. JUNIOR ANGLER, LADY ANGLER, & SENIOR ANGLER: This angler must be on board while the fish is caught and act as angler, boat driver, gaffer or other team member. Junior must be under 16 years of age. Lady Angler must be 16 years or older.  Senior Angler must be 55 years or older. Fish must be identified before being weighed in, and should be accompanied by Junior, Lady, or Senior Angler when possible.

17. PRIMARY PRIZE RESTRICTIONS: Only one primary prize per boat will be awarded. 

18. SECONDARY PRIZES: A boat can win more than one secondary prize. Secondary prizes include, but are not limited to Aggregate Weight, Lady, Junior and Senior Awards and Special Weight Awards. 

19. ADVERTISERS: Any advertiser in the Tournament can win any prize, as would be awarded to any other angler.

20. PRIZE PAYMENTS: All prize payments will be made to the Captain, and subject to polygraph.

21. BOAT SUBSTITUTION: A boat may not be replaced without documented permission of the Tournament Rules Committee and entry fees are not refundable. 

22. BOATS CONGREGATING: Two or more boats congregating during competition hours may be disqualified. All Boats must arrive at the dock under their own power. In the event of an emergency, please assist as necessary and notify Tournament Rules Committee as soon as possible. In a non -emergency event, if any boat is requiring assistance, it may be obtained by a dedicated service vessel, and not another Tournament boat or other recreational vessel. The Tournament Rules Committee should be notified by phone immediately.

23. PROCEDURES IN THE EVENT OF TIES: If two or more King Mackerel are the same weight, the winner shall be determined by the date & time of the first fish weighed.

24. RULES COMMITTEE: The Committee’s judgments and solutions to protests or situations shall be final. The Tournament Rules Committee reserves the right to inspect any boats entered.

25. SWORN AFFIDAVIT & PROTESTS: When entry form is signed, this is a sworn affidavit adhering to all rules. Tournament reserves the right to refuse entry of a person or boat. All protests concerning the determination of the tournament winners shall be made to the Tournament Rules Committee and shall be accompanied by $200 cash. All protests shall be made no later than one hour after the last tournament fish has been weighed. In the event that a protest is made and upheld by the Tournament Rules Committee the $200 cash deposit shall be returned. Otherwise, the $200 deposit becomes the property of the Tournament. Any winners may be subject to polygraph examination at the discretion of the Tournament Rules Committee. All protests must be in writing. No participant aggrieved by any ruling of the Rules Committee or any tournament official shall recover from East Coast Got Em On King Mackerel Classic, its officers, directors, sponsors, owners and employees in any forum a sum exceeding their registration fee.

26. SIGNATURE: By signing the entry form the captain and crew, etc. consent that the East Coast Got Em On King Mackerel Classic Tournament may use without payment or restriction any photographs in which he/ she appears for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to resale, advertisement, commercial, and promotional material.

27. QUESTIONS NOT COVERED: The Tournament Rules Committee shall determine the solution to questions and situations and its judgment shall be final.

Schedule Of Events:


Tournament dates: July 12th-14th 2019

July 12th 2019 - Registration Desk opens at noon

                                      Captains Meeting - 6:30 

                                      CB Municipal Dock

July 13th 2019 - Scales Open 2 PM

                                      Scales Close 5 PM

July 14th 2019 - Scales Open 12 PM

                                      Scales Close 4 PM
                                     Awards @7 PM or sooner if possible


*Questions or clarifications to the following rules will be addressed at the Captains Meeting. Boat captains or their representatives are strongly encouraged to be present at captains meeting